The Nechako Radio Club

Box 2060, Vanderhoof,B.C. V0J 3A0

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The Nechako Radio Club was formed in the summer of '93 to provide a common meeting point for the local area amateur radio operators. The club meets on informal basis usually at 730pm at the old gov't agents building. The club has many areas of interest such as providing communications to the area in the event of a disaster, for public events as well as general conversing with others. We operate the local 2 meter VHF repeater VE7RSM which is located on Sinkut Mountain at the 5400 ft level. The frequency is 146.800 mhz receive and 146.200 mhz transmit. 

There is also a downtown repeater VE7RON owned by Terry VE7UP operating on a frequency of 146.880 mhz (-.600). It also has an autopatch available * on # off.

Terry also sponsors two IRLP link radios in Vanderhoof. It provides link access via the internet to many cities in North America. Persons interested in using the system can find code and other info at Node List. NODE 1400 VA7RDX operates on 147.330 Simplex and NODE 1940 VE7UP operates on 146.580 Mhz Simplex as well. Both Nodes are located on Blue Mountain just north of Vanderhoof.

Throughout the year there are several opportunities for interested persons to take the weekend basic course to obtain their basic license. This will allow them to operate on frequencies of 50 mhz and higher.

Interested persons can contact:
  1. President - Terry Paton VE7UP - 567-2121
  2. Vice- President - Vacant Position
  3. Treasurer - Bryce Hunsaker VE7HNS - 567-9398
  4. Secretary - Perry Thiessen VE7THI - 567-3803


Last updated: Friday, April 9, 2004